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HC Charteris Strategic Bond Fund

Key Facts  
Product Type ICVC
Launch Date 1st November 2017
IA Sector IA Strategic Bond Sector
Available in ISAs? SIPPs? Yes / Yes
Asset Type Gilts / FRNs / Equities
Fund Currency GBP
Priced every day? Yes

Designed for a period of rising interest rates, the fund will focus on capital preservation in a (fixed income) market where there is much asymmetric risk that lies within it. All assets contained within the portfolio are very liquid and tradable in the secondary market.

The Fund will aim to provide a competitive yield to existing conventional bond funds but has added potential for
capital gains as perpetual FRNs offset potential losses in the UK Gilts.

The leading Fund manager was top of the IMA UK Gilt sector in 2007, 2009 & 2013 for his Gilt managed Fund, the second manager was former head trader of Standard Chartered FRN book

The Fund will be eligible for inclusion in ISAs, SIPPs and SSAS

Charteris Strategic Bond Fact Sheet (PDF)

Charteris Strategic Bond Brochure (PDF)

Charteris Strategic Bond Presentation (PDF)

Strategic Bond Fund - KIID - I Acc Class (PDF)

Strategic Bond Fund - KIID - I Inc Class (PDF)

Strategic Bond Fund - KIID - A Acc Class (PDF)

Strategic Bond Fund - KIID - A Inc Class (PDF)

Prospectus Document for Strategic Bond Fund (PDF)

Charteris Strategic Bond ICVC - Instrument of Incorporation (PDF)