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HC Charteris Global Macro Fund


FE Single Crown Rating

This Fund has been launched in the first quarter of 2015 and has the unique ability to disinvest equities into cash (sovereign debt) in times of extreme market corrections or retracements. The Fund has an unlimited remit and is allowed to invest in any country, sector or security.

The Fund will prefer to seek out under-valued securities rather than expensive over-valued securities and uses comprehensive technical analysis, including Gann Analysis to support fundamental security selections. Leading Fund manager for this Fund is Terry Farrow.

Fund clinched top quartile for 2016 in the IA Global sector as well as finishing top of the Citywire Wealth Manager Mixed Assets/Absolute Return sector for calendar year 2016.* (PDF)

The Fund is eligible for inclusion in ISAs, SIPPS and SSAS

Charteris Global Macro Fund latest quarterly fact sheet (PDF)

Charteris Global Macro Fund Presentation (PDF)

KIID document for Macro Fund A Acc Class (PDF)

KIID document for Macro Fund A Inc Class (PDF)

Charteris Macro Fund ICVC - Individual / Joint / Trustee Application form (PDF)

Charteris Macro Fund ICVC - Corporate Application form (PDF)

Charteris Macro Fund ICVC - Full Prospectus (PDF)

Charteris Macro Fund ICVC - Instrument of Incorporation (PDF)

Due Dilligence Questionnaire for HC Charteris Global Macro Fund (PDF)

*Data available on request. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investments can fall as well as rise.