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WAY Charteris Gold & Precious Metals Fund

Morningstar 1 star & FE Quintuple Crown Rating

This fund was launched in the first quarter of 2010 to invest in Gold & Gold assets. The fund hit national headlines after hitting the number one spot in the UK during the maiden four months of its trading existence.
The fund carried on that trend in calendar year 2016, where it became the TOP UK fund across all sectors including the IA Specialist as well as the Citywire Wealth Manager Commodities sector.* (PDF)

This fund is a "long-only non-leveraged" fund that aims to provide investors with exposure to Gold and “Blue-chip” Gold mining companies utilising the considerable experience of the Charteris investment team in this sector.
The fund will not "short" or "hedge" Gold or assets in any way but does have the flexibility to hold up to 10% in other funds (ETF's) and invest in Gold ETC's.

The Fund is a fully authorised UK OEIC (Open-ended investment company) and gives investors exposure to the Gold price under a regulated NURS (non-ucits retail scheme).

The Fund is eligible for inclusion in ISAs.

The Bloomberg Ticker codes for the Fund are as follows:

WCHGERI LN EQUITY - Retail Inc Class
WCHGERA LN EQUITY - Retail Acc Class
WCHGEII LN EQUITY - Institutional Inc Class
WCHGEIA LN EQUITY - Institutional Acc Class

The Thomson Reuters Ticker codes for the Fund are as follows:

LP68043027 - Retail Inc Class
LP68043026 - Retail Acc Class
LP68043029 - Institutional Inc Class
LP68043028 - Institutional Acc Class

Latest Fund fact sheet (PDF)

Fund's power point presentation (PDF)

Application form to invest into the fund (PDF)

Application form to invest into Institutional Class (PDF)

Application form to invest into WCGF for Trustees (PDF)

Simplified Prospectus for the WAY Charteris Gold Fund (PDF)

Due Dilligence Questionnaire for the WAY Charteris Gold Fund (PDF)

*Data available on request, Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investments can fall as well as rise