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News Archive - 2008

Charteris takes control of James Brearley UK Fund
10 Nov 2008
Citywire online feature by Dylan Lobo reviewing the decision by James Brearley to hand the management of their equity fund to Charteris
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Elite clients showing interest in covered call strategy
5 Nov 2008
Investment Week online feature by Natalie Kenway reviewing the decision that Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers have taken control of an equity fund and re-named it the "Elite Charteris Premium Income Fund" which will carry on using the same covered call option writing strategy that James Brearley used to do.
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Smart money in favour of locking in now
10 November 2008
Financial times adviser article written by Nick Rice featuring and quoting Ian Williams on the subject of gilts
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City Financial : Cash is no longer king
20 Oct 2008
Professional Adviser article written by David Carr featuring and quoting Ian Williams and his gilt fund
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Sense of gilt
16 Oct 2008
Moneymarketing article featuring and quoting Ian Williams on the subject of gilts, written by Kira Nickerson
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Solutions to hostile climate
25 Aug 2008
Financial times article written by Ian Williams about gilts and state of markets
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Gilts tipped to thrive in "certain" UK recession
18 July 2008 article featured and quoted on gilts
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BSE India highlights Gold Bull Ian Williams
14 July 2008
Charteris CEO Ian Williams quotes from his Telegraph article get picked up from BSA India
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Gold: The precious laggard that will hit $2,000
4 July 2008
Article written by Ian Williams for the Daily Telegraph newspaper
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City Financial Strategic: Gilt-edged year predicted
22 Jan 2008
Article written by Elaine Moore of the Financial Times covering the City Financial Strategic Gilt Fund, Charteris CEO (& Manager of the Gilt fund) Ian Williams and his views on Gilts & Index Linked Gilts.
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City Financial Gilt Fund tops IMA sector in 2007
17 Jan 2008
Article written by Hynsi Kaso reviews the excellent performance of the Gilt fund managed by Charteris CEO Ian Williams.
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Personal Finance - so how safe are your bonds?
17 Aug 2002
Article written by Stephen Spurdon of The Independent newspaper covering views of Charteris CEO Ian Williams and his analysis of corporate bonds versus equities.
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