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Charteris Chairman & 2011 Trustnet Alpha Manager Ian Williams features regularly in the written national press as well as on television/radio broadcasters such as Bloomberg. If you haven't heard of us before, please view our Press Clippings PPT click here.

Bond Bears scent blood as bunds lead way down
14 May 2015
Citywire Wealth Manager's Dave Campbell has written a piece about the recent decline in performance of the German Bund. Charteris CEO Ian Williams is interviewed alongside industry peers in relation to this important fixed income market.
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Four Wealth Managers on the coalition's biggest achievements and failures
07 May 2015
Citywire Wealth Manager's Suzie Bliss interviews four wealth managers with focus on the coalition's biggest achievements & failures whilst in power. Charteris Investment Manager Mark Williams is interviewed alongside industry peers.
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An eulogy for War Loan 3.5 1952
March 2015
Charteris consultant Patrick Phillips was the guest host & speaker at the War Loan Redemption party held at the Imperial War Museum. The event was put together by Lloyds Bank at this historic event.
Link to presentation (pdf)

How will the Lib Dem voter exodus affect the election outcome?
12 February 2015
Wealth Manager article written by Danielle Levy with a focus on the upcoming UK General Election in May 2015. Charteris CEO Ian Williams, alongside industry peers, is interviewed regarding voter trends and bookmakers odds.
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Charteris launches fund to protect from bond reversal
4 February 2015
Citywire Wealth Manager Magazine article written by David Campbell covers the exciting news that Charteris have launched two new funds. The FP Charteris Fixed Income Fund and the FP Charteris Global Macro Fund. Charteris CEO Ian Williams will be the lead manager on the Fixed Income Fund and Terry Farrow will be the lead manager on the Global Macro Fund.
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Bonds look "Dangerous" at 300-Year High
7 January 2015
Bloomberg Article written by Anchalee Worrachate with a feature on Charteris CEO Ian Williams with particular focus on Bonds and the Fixed Income markets.
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