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TV Appearances

Highly Respected TV & Radio broadcasters have turned to Charteris personnel for their professional expertise and their opinions on various sectors of the Investment Markets.
See below list of these organisations as well as most recent interviews.

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London South East TV Interview, CEO Ian Williams talks about investments in gold and silver
March 2017
Ian Williams, CEO of Charteris Treasury Asset Management, gives us some interesting insight and comments on the trends in the gold and silver markets. Ian explains the seasonal pattern of demand for gold, which peaks in the last quarter of each year.

Tip TV Finance interview, The Party is over for Bond Bulls - CEO Ian Williams
March 2017
Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers' chief executive Ian Williams makes a compelling case as to why the party for the bond bulls is over. Williams says the era of deflation and ultra cheap money is over and the rates are likely to higher across the globe.

Investing in Silver, presentation by Ian Williams Charteris – London South East
March 2017
Charteris CEO Ian Williams was invited to be a guest speaker at recent London South East investor conference to speak about Silver and the impact of the metal in global markets

Gold and silver will have even better year in 2017 - Interview with Proactive Investors
January 2017
Charteris CEO Ian Williams conducts interview with Proactive Investors regarding Silver as well as his thoughts on precious metals markets in the short term

Silver Price Will Be Driven Higher By Supply - SmallCapPower Interview at Mines and Money 2016
January 2017
Charteris CEO Ian Williams is interviewed by Small Cap Power at the Mines and Money London event to discuss his thoughts on the Silver price and silver mining equities inside the Charteris Gold and Precious Metals fund

Proactive Investors interview with Ian Williams at Mines & Money London 2016
December 2016
Charteris CEO Ian Williams is interviewed by Proactive Investors at the Mines and Money London event to discuss the Gold/Silver and Precious Metals markets as well as the Charteris Gold & Precious Metals fund.

CEO Interview: Full extent of Silver’s outperformance yet to play out – Charteris
July 2016
W hich way are the financial market biggies betting on in the commodity market space?. Watch today’s discussion on the commodities space, with Ian Williams, CEO at the Charteris Fund, up 200% YTD. Having outperformed most of the precious metals funds, we look at their performance, their biggest positions, and why both Silver and Gold see upside potential ahead. Interviewed by Charlie Gibson, Head of Mining at Edison Research, and Bonnie Hughes, Natural Resources Forecaster.

Tip TV Mining: Silver the one to watch after Gold kickstarts the upside move
March 2016
Chairman Ian Williams, CEO at Charteris Treasury is interviewed by Natural Resources Reporter Bonnie Hughes alongside Head of Mining research at Edison, Charlie Gibson to discuss the latest mining news as well as the Charteris Gold & Precious Metals Fund.

Charteris Chairman & CEO Ian Williams speaks to Max Keiser on "The Keiser Report"
10th July 2013
Charteris CEO Ian Williams speaks to Max Keiser about the precious metals bull market and the beginning of the bear market in bonds and what this means for the banks that hold these bonds.