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Charteris can be appointed to manage your money in many different capacities. Download the PDFs from our site, fill out the forms and send them to us in the post.

Our discretionary service allows you to delegate the day-to-day management of your portfolio to Charteris’ professional investment managers.

Discretionary Service application form IMA (Investment Management Agreement) form (PDF)

Your personal SIPP (Self-Invested Pension Plan) can be managed by Charteris offering a great tax efficient way to save for your retirement.

The IMA document allows you the freedom to download, fill in the details, send your existing SIPP provider that you wish Charteris to manage your SIPP and it is that simple

For the directors of small/medium sized companies the tax-efficiency and flexibility of a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) make it an obvious first choice for retirement planning.

Regardless of your income everybody likes saving money especially if it is tax-free. A Charteris share ISA allows you to put £11,520 a (tax) year in safe hands and any profits you make from stock selection, you keep. Either open a new account or switch your existing one to Charteris.

Charteris ISA application form (PDF)

Charteris ISA Transfer form (PDF)

We can also manage AIM portfolios.

To see the Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers presentation regarding our discretionary fund management side of the business please click here or contact us via Phone (+44 (0)20 7220 9780) or Email