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At Charteris we believe that our clients benefit from our focus on the attainment of superior total return derived from an orthodox investment strategy. Our Gold fund, Equity fund and Gilt funds are consistently top quartile in the league tables in their individual sectors beating over 3,200 competing funds on performance.

Our bespoke discretionary investment service means everyone's different needs are taken into account when we create a portfolio to match our client's financial aims and objectives. This means that our clients are comfortable with the degree of potential investment risk and can easily measure our performance against the agreed targets for income and growth of the portfolio.

Part of the appeal of Charteris' discretionary portfolio management is that a client can delegate the day-to-day management of the portfolio to our people, professional investment managers, who will take full responsibility for the investment and administration while our clients can relax in the knowledge that comprehensive financial statements with regular valuations and full reconciliation of all monies paid and received will keep them on top of their investments at all times.

Charteris IMA

Private Client Wealth Management

The services offered by Charteris include Investment Savings Accounts (ISA’s), Self-Investment Pension Plan (SIPP's), Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) as well as the traditional Discretionary Portfolio Management.

Private clients of Charteris benefit from the same Investment process that has driven the outstanding results from the three Charteris managed funds. (Gold, Equity, Gilt)

In addition, private clients of Charteris benefit from the added security by having their assets held under the AJ Bell Securities safe custody service called IMAS.

The AJ Bell group is one of the largest non-bank custodians in the UK. The IMAS Service delivers a fully integrated investment management and custody administration solution that allows wealth managers to focus on delivering a high quality service to their clients without the distraction of the administration process. To see the IMAS service overview PDF from AJ Bell please click here

For any other enquiries regarding our discretionary service, please email our Head of Private Wealth Management, Nick Taylor.